Has anyone used Cubase on Mac to record sound?

I plan to open a recording studio.I am hesitating to choose which system’s computer. I am familiar with Cubase software and do not want to replace DAW. But a year ago, I bought an Apple computer with an M1 processor. Recorded audio is often lost and displayed as invalid audio files.This makes me very worried that it will become unstable when used in the future.I don’t know if anyone has been using the Cubase Mac system for recording for a long time. In order to stabilize and save money, I would like to purchase a Mac Mini computer with an I7 processor.


There are lots of Mac users.

I’m one of them. I have neve had this kind of issue. At this moment, I also use Mac with M1 processor.

How is the hard drive formated, please?


I can’t remember the specifics anymore, as I have sold that Mac computer due to its instability. Currently used under Windows. May I ask what hard drive format you are using. Is APFS format the most stable?


I’m using APFS (Encrypted). I’m just worried if you were using ExFAT (to be able to exchange data with Windows). This format is not good for the real-time processes.

I think it may be a problem with the hard drive format. Thank you very much for your answer