Has creative thinking in the digital musical universe lulled

Its just a question on my mind… would like others view on this.

In Atari days the digital canvas was tabula rase - blank slate, now, it seems to me, since the melodyne technology, the pace of true revolutionary development seems to have slowed

sure, there are improvements, but nothing cutting edge like melodyne, VST technology, and so forth. Nothing really major…
When typewriters got replaced with word processors, the technology attempted to repeate the same functions, gradually, it was realised that the word processor could do far more than a typewriter and it became a different kind of tool. For a while now, little has changed in the WP field too.

Just wondering to people agree? There are no big winds of change?

For me, real seamless synthesis of MIDI and Audio would be major. The ability to track and emulate real human timing, and score it with ease, these things would be good. Also PG music’s Real Track technology would be good in a VST.

I agree. Would like to see more creative work on samplers and resynthesis. Mostly what they like to do is copy hardware because that doesn’t take any imagination.

twell for one they are still shipping boxes from stores.

plugin makers are still forced to support too many formats, same with instrument makers.

Cubase has no cloud for backup and install folders are still to confusing.

I am hoping for better and more unified online stores / services for all this.
Automated updates for plugins.

some of these things could save a lot of money just from CS support alone from people who cannot comprehend the finer points of Windows foldr heirarchy.

We are going to see our settings and work spaces duplicated across devices for us.