Has "Pitch Correct" in 8.5 been updated to Elastique 3?

The Steinberg plug-in called Pitch Correct (this is not about the Pitch shift audio function)… how can I find out if it has been updated to use Elastique 3?

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Contact Steinberg through your MySteinberg support link and ask maybe?
I doubt it is.

Though Time Stretching in C Pro 8.5 is using new Elastique algorithm and is excellent.

Yeah, I asked. Why would you doubt it though? And if it wasn’t, would you have a thought as to what algorithm it does use? (I asked them that also).

Is the timing now stable after bouncing the warped elastique edits back to linear mode?

OK here, I can update this, I’ve emailed with tech support, they said they did not know what algorithm was used for Pitch Correct, would get back to me.

Registered - can I ask you a favor please, would you move your post to another thread*, I’d like to keep this one focused on how this specific Cubase plug-in functions, thanks!

(* Maybe the old multi-page thread that addresses the issue you are bringing up? … Thanks! :slight_smile:)

Got a reply from Steinberg support: Pitch Correct does not use Elastique, it uses an algorithm unique tio the plug in.