Has REVelation replaced REVerence in C7.5?

Yes? In C7.5, is REVerence gone, replaced by REVelation, or do they both verbs exist side by side? :question:

REVerence is a convolution reverb.
REVelation is an algorithmic reverb.
No reason they should replace one another.

They exist side by side.

Ah, thank you both for the info.

BTW, assuming you use REVerence, can either of you create the ‘blue tab’ presets, the ones that go from 1 to 30 in the top right corner of the plugin, such that THEY APPEAR EVERY TIME YOU OPEN THE PLUGIN - REGARDLESS OF THE PROJECT? I can only save these presets in the project I am working on, they do not become PERMANENT, such that I open another project and find them there, ready to be used. In C5 I could do this but then the function went away.

I can find the presets saved in ‘My Documents’ under ‘User/name/VST3 Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies/REVerence’ but they do not automatically load on new project startup. I’m really curious about this feature and have never talked to anyone who can report that it is working. Does it work for you?

A standard mixing use of both convolution and digital reverbs:
1 place and site your instruments with a convolution rev (much ER and little tail)
2 glue your final mix with an algorithmic rev

OK, I’ll give that a go in the days ahead.

Aloha b and thanks for the info.

Altho I rarely use reverb on a final mix, I too will now give that a try.

Thanks again.