Has someone tried UR44 with macOS High Sierra?

I’ve not updated my system to High Sierra because of this:


But there’s no news about new drivers or compatibility status since September (typical of Steinberg).

Has someone already tried this interface with the new macOS?

On Every MacOS major version, I install it on a USB stick and work through a checklist to see what software works and what doesn’t.

As with the last few MacOS since I have my UR44: Steinberg drivers won’t work. Meaning you can’t use the software mixer at all (the software will start but just not recognize the hardware) and there’s no audio.

You can flip the switch on the back to turn it into class compliant mode (I haven’t tried that since I need the software mixer) and then it’s just a basic audio interface, just input and output.

I must say I’m this close to ditching Steinberg as a Mac user. It’s sad because I’ve tried many in shoot-outs and the Steinberg UR-Series had by far the best sounding ins and outs and I love not needing a physical mixer to do all my monitoring stuff. Starting testing 2 months after the public release of the operating system is unacceptable. I get it, Apple keep changing the core of the operating system as they please but still, this is embarrassing.

I have the exact same question.
The only thing holding me back from upgrading (and purchasing Cubase Pro 9.5) is the compatibility of the UR44 drivers on High Sierra.

I always install the newest MacOS on another partition (actually on a USB drive) and work through my list of apps to see which ones are broken and which are compatible. The UR44 was always not really until Steinberg updated the driver.

The software mixer (dspMixFx) works apparently. If I enable phantom power on the hardware, it shows up on the software mixer. But I can’t select the UR44 in the Sound preferences, neither on MacOS itself, nor in the DAW (Logic Pro).

If I turn Class Compliant mode (the little switch on the back of the UR44), I can select the UR44 in the Sound preferences and it sounds fine but I can’t use the software mixer, so it behaves like a 2 input, 2 output audio device.

Switching CC mode on and off is not as intuitive as one expects: I have to switch the unit off (power switch on the unit, not just cut the power to it), toggle the switch, quit dspMixFx on the Mac and then turn the UR44 on again. After a second or 2, it shows up as an audio device. If I leave the dspMixFX open, it won’t show up as an audio device. I tried all sorts of trickery to have both the mixer and sound coming out of it, to no avail.

So if you don’t need latency-free monitoring and only need 2 outputs (say you’re using it just to hook up monitors and headphones when mixing) then it works with High Sierra. If you need the software mixer, wait for the new driver.

Any news from Steinberg ?

Two months since the release of High Sierra and they aren’t making any announcement ?

Thanks, Simon

New Driver (haven’t tried it yet):

There was also an update for MacOS High Sierra itself, listing better compatibility for USB audio devices so I’d try that before installing the driver.
I hope to try it out in the coming days with my UR44.


The UR44 works flawlessly with High Sierra 10.13.2 and the Steinberg Tools.

…I have to add: assuming that UR22 device was successfully installed (I did not do it for the first attempt yet on my iMac, I continue today …)

Installation problem solved! Yamaha Steinberg USB driver was problem. After first installation the OS set driver as disabled software.The allow button in High Sierra did nothing when clicked. I have used First Aid in repairing the permissions that were affecting allow button. After this procedure the USB device works.