Has the left mouseclick issue been fixed?

Hi Cubase 9 users - I sent a support message to Steinberg over 20 days ago now and still not received a reply, so thought I would ask my question here seeing as official support is so poor. :imp:

I am on Cubase 8.5 and yet continue to use Cubase 8 for the simple reason that in 8.5 they changed left mouse click putting the L & R markers in one place (great for vocal comping for a start) and changed it to ctrl+alt+click - insanity!!!
In Cubase 9, is left mouse click back to put L&R markers in the same place or not?

Thanks guys and gals!


Cubase 9.0.10:

  • Ctrl (Win) / Opt (Mac) + click sets the Left Locator position.
  • Alt (Win) / Cmd (Mac) + click sets the Right Locator position.
  • Ctrl + Alt + click (Win) / Opt + Cmd + click (Mac) sets the L & R Locators to the same place.

Sorry, I don’t understand, what is it good for to place L&R Locators to the same position?

Hi Martin,

Ok, so basically when I compile vocal takes - say there are 10 tracks to listen to, I would left click at the start of the first segment and then I would listen to each track where I just press 1 to go back to that point each time. Then for the next segment it was just a left click and do the same - really fast. But in Cubase 8.5 they changed the simple act of left clicking to put the marker in place to having to use keyboard AND mouse, which is not as quick and not as easy and drives me absolutely crazy.

So are you saying that Cubase 9 is still requiring keyboard AND mouse to place an L or R or both markers then?



You have to be focused on the events anyway, so when you have to go to the tip of rule to locate the new place of the Left locator… wouldn’t be faster just to select the event, and use Key Commamd to place the Left Locator to the selectiom Start? Actually you don’t care about the Right Locator in this case. Or you could make a Macromto place both Locators there.

Using Key Commads is even faster in these cases.

How would I do that please?

I can’t seem to select parts when I’m vocal comping. The P function doesn’t work on the lanes.

Yes it does. Selecting events on lanes and pressing ‘P’ sets the left and right locator to the range of the selected event.
But you don’t really have to do any of that. Try selecting the event and use ‘Alt + Spacebar’ to play it.