Has the snapping issue reared it's ugly head again?

I saw something in another thread that caught my eye.

In v3, there was a snapping issue which was introduced (inadvertently, of course). I am not trying to pat myself on the back, but it is me who discovered what it was, and then alerted SB as to what the cause was, and how to replicate it. The response was something like, “ok, we see it now. Will fix.” And they did; it was fixed in v4.

Has this become a problem again?


What kind of issue do you mean, please? Could you describe it, please?


I do not have v11 yet, so I am only going on another post that I saw here. Would you like me to try and find it?


Either link to the other post, or describe the bug, please. Then I can test in in Cubase 11.

Hi again :slight_smile:

Just installed 11. The snapping issue that once was, is not here. I have no idea what the other forum member was talking about.