Hassles with CD Burn on New iMac 5K

I am having problems burning CDs with the new iMac under Yosemite 10.10.5. WL 8.5

Have just replaced my iMac and the new one of course has no CD burner. I have tried 2 USB drives, one of them the hideously expensive Apple USB CD/DVD burner and get “an error has occurred, operation aborted” message around to 2 out of 3 burns. Never previously had a problem with the builtin drive.

Any pointers as to how to resolve this issue. As an audio engineer who produces two or 3 CDs a week, this is quite a problem.

I have to ask - if burning CDs is a priority - why would you chose equipment that does not offer any possible burning option?

Just wondering.


CD burning with both the Apple USB Superdrive and a Plextor Premium on an iMac (non-Retina 5k) running 10.10.5 (and previous versions) is working ok here. I have never received an error.

Are you plugging the burner directly into the back of the iMac or using a Thunderbolt dock or something similar?

Directly into the back of the Mac.

I am happy to report that once I removed the USB extension cable (blush) I have had no more issues with CD burning