Hauptwerk 8 and Cubase 13


I am trying to figure out how to connect my Hauptwerk 8 instance with Cubase 13 Artist on an M1 Max MacBook Pro. I followed the instructions in the Hauptwerk user manual to set the midi and audio to point to the VST, but I can’t figure out how to connect it in Cubase. Any help would be appreciated and I’m a total beginner with cubase, but have used Hauptwerk since Hauptwerk 5.

Hi Erik and welcome to the forums!

I don’t have any experience with this software but perhaps I can offer some general assistance.
Are you using an Instrument Track in Cubase to load the Hauptwerk plug-in? I would think this would be the easiest approach.
Are you able to use other VST plugins in Cubase to verify that your audio and MIDI is set up correctly?


I was trying to use an instrument track. So I can get the Steinberg stuff to load, Like Halion, and I was able to load Pianoteq on an instrument track but not Hauptwerk. I know that Hauptwerk doesn’t load in a mini window like my Pianoteq did. I have to have an instance of Hauptwerk open with the midi and audio pointing to the VST Link option.

So I figured it out. I saw that Hauptwerk 8 is fully supported on Apple Silicon, but in the release notes, it states that it is still running in Rosetta mode. I noticed on another thread that plug-ins that are running in Rosetta won’t show up if Cubase is running natively on Apple Silicon. So, I started Cubase in Rosetta Mode and now I can see the Hauptwerk VST in the instrument menu.