Hauptwerk virtual organ works well with Dorico

Several years ago I attempted to use the Hauptwerk virtual organ with Sibelius on a Mac but ran into difficulties and got discouraged before achieving success. Recently I came across one of fratveno’s posts and felt encouraged try using Hauptwerk with Dorico. Following the listed instructions carefully, it turns out to be a pretty straightforward process. If you are interested but have never experimented with a Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ, there is even a 30-stop version you can try for free and use as long as you like (go to Hauptwerk.com), although even more exciting options are available with a purchase. Thanks, fratveno! (See below for the post with instructions)


I was able to get Hauptwerk working with Sibelius pretty well (Win7 machine), but it took a lot of fiddling. John Murdock’s instructions were quite helpful, though needed some tweaking with Sib7 and beyond. I was even able to get General piston changes to happen with embedded MIDI instructions (but HW had to have the pistons predefined and saved). Glad to know that’s possible with Dorico as well… or at least is a work in progress.

I’m glad to know about this too… I’m a biiiiig HW fan (my church job is an hour away from home so home practice is a MUST!). I’ve always wondered about getting them to communicate.

I keep meaning to update the documentation for Sibelius 7 and beyond. Although, to be honest, I don’t use the VST approach any more, since you’re limited to two-channel stereo. I use LoopBe (and the Advanced Edition of Hauptwerk) to drive 10 channels of audio, both at home and at church.

It works with Dorico, too. (But I’m still working my way up the Dorico learning curve to start writing any third-party documentation.)