Have I lost a flow?

Have I lost a flow somehow? In Setup, the name of one particular flow is shown in the boxes at the bottom (it’s no. 7 here):
and its instruments are ticked in the left column, but no View will display it (they all just move straight from flow 6 to flow 8). This, admittedly, is material that was imported via MusicXML, but that process was successful, and I did some editing on it before I added the next flow. Before I re-import it and do all the editing again, have I somehow inadvertently ticked something I shouldn’t have? I have looked through previous similar posts, but none of them exactly matches my situation.

Have you altered the master pages at any point? It’s conceivable you could have excluded the seventh flow from the master frame chain, via the dropdown in the left corner of the music frames.

Ah - I hadn’t thought of that. (I have, I admit, yet to start to learn about Master Pages.) I’ll take a look straight away. Thanks.
(After looking) Many apologies. It’s another major senior moment on my part. I discovered that I’d somehow unticked ‘Full Score’ from the Layouts panel on the right. It wasn’t immediately noticeable because it was out of sight beyond the top of the screen due to the multiplicity of layouts below it.

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Thankfully there’s a safeguard against deleting a flow, or a player: you’ll get a confirmation popup window warning you that you’re deleting actual data.

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