Have multiple products but don't see any license/product in Activation Manager


I bought a UR44C, with which I got a load of software I could install. I purchased it last year, did the installations then, and can see online that all software and hardware products are registered.

However, if I open the Steinberg Activation Manager, it says No Licenses Found.

On opening the eLicenser, I can see there are 9 products licensed on my system.

Another issue is that when I try to access Halion Sonic SE (v, 2 preset banks are not available to me. Trying to access the Artists and Trim bank presets gives me the error - No licenses found.

1. I want to be able to fix the presets for Halion - Artist and Trip
2. I want to be able to see all product registrations in License Manager

These Instrument Sets are exclusive to Cubase Elements.

Unfortunately, these products haven’t made the transition to the new Steinberg Licensing system yet. When they do, you’ll be able to redeem a free upgrade voucher to transfer your licenses to the new system.


Retrologue 2 and Cubase AI should be migratable to Steinberg Licensing now. The OP will have to wait for the other products to migrate.

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Oh, got it. Ableton is my primary DAW, so maybe I can loopback from Cubase? Apart from 3rd party plugins, does Cubase offer loopback out of the box?

Bummer. So just to get it straight, the Plugins are licensed and activated, but none of my registered product match the required version for Steinberg Activation Manager so it doesn’t show. Right?

Thanks for your inputs!