Have tempo track change affect only one track - time base

Hi All! At the end of a project I would like to use the tempo track to slow down the midi drums to meet the audio that naturally slows down at the end of the song.

I have read up on musical and linear mode but may be missing something?

For all audio tracks I have changed the track time setting to ‘Linear’ (clock icon) and even locked the tracks but when I adjust the tempo track’s tempo the audio events move as well! How can I avoid this?

Thank you!

Have you already checked the settings in the Pool? Maybe Musical Mode is activated for the corresponding audio files.

I did check before I posted, and yeah, looks to be off. :man_shrugging:

Ok, does the audio actually speed up when increasing the tempo or is just the event being stretched? The latter would be expected in order to properly align the waveform display on the grid.

If you want the Tempo affect only one track :
You need to set all your tracks to Musical Timebase (in the inspector, left to your tracks) and disable Musical Mode except for the one track you want to follow the tempo.
This topic explains everything.

Unless I am experiencing a bug of some kind I am not able to reproduce the suggestions made here. My tracks are all set to Musical Timebase andMusical Mode in the Info Line is also off…

What am I doing wrong?

I want the tempo to change but my audio tracks to stay put and not to stretch.

Well I think it is currently not working properly.
I’ve tried with a drum clip which base bpm is 130. Set tempo to 130. When I activate musical mode it makes it play faster… Unusable in the current state.

Edit : When activating musical mode I found out that Cubase change the clip start position by its own, I fixed it manually, the tempo actually match but in another time signature, it’s doing me in 5/4 instead of 4/4 :joy:

Best is to time stretch manually.