Have time (and bars + beats) displayed on the transport

I have bars and beats in the Locators, and the Project cursor but I’d like a time display as well so is that possible?

I’m guessing you might mean on the timeline? If so, add a ruler track and set it to seconds.

If you mean on the transport, reveal the secondary time display and set it to seconds.

I’m in a bit of the same problem, In Cubase Elements 10 now…maybe exact the same problem.
I’m talking about the Transport Bar in the Windows layout. I like to select time in the tempo and time signature but when I do that also the Left and Right locators in the Transport bar jump to Time, which I do not want.
Is it possible to see AND Time AND L/R locators in Bars + Beats?
I thought I worked always like that in all my previous versions of Cubase.

…you wrote “reveal the secondary time display and set it to seconds”…I can’t find that or I just don’t understand.

…After half an hour of trying and reading (web and manual) and reading and trying, still no progress…nowhere to be found that secondary time…

Same problem, in Cubase 10 with locators showing up just seconds and not bars and beats

I got it Syndromeda, open the option called Time display, then in this option select bars and beats instead of time code and ready to go.