Have to update to windows 10 in January

And no longer have my Steinberg disks. I still have the e-licenser. Until I can come up with the money to upgrade I am stuck with my old cubase 7 and Halion Sonic 2 but I have no idea how to wipe my hard drive to install Windows 10 and still keep my DAW and VST. I know to back up all my regular computer files like Cubase song files and pics and docs and music :sunglasses: and all that jazz, but I don’t know how to actually back up the steinberg programs themselves onto an external drive.

I know steinberg has my info via the elicenser. Can I just request new copies of my programs?

In the words of the immortal Hunter S Thompson: “What’s the deal here? What’s the score?” :sunglasses:

Have you checked your MySteinberg account to see if a download of your CB7 (which would include HS2) software is available there?

If not… download from here:

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The HALion Sonic 2 Full Installer can be found here …



When I posted my original post I forgot to include that my version of Cubase is ARTIST 7 not just Cubase 7. I know now I can download Artist 8 with no problems. I really wish I could just upgrade from artist 7 to regular 7.

So where are you at here? I’m not sure what you are referring to with the “… I can download Artist 8 with no problems.” comment. Anyone can download and even install whatever he likes, however if he doesn’t possess a license he can’t use it.

I guess what I am getting at is this … if you ever go to update/upgrade your license, it is what is showing in the eLCC that matters. The version of Cubase you are actually using is basically irrelevant. Perhaps you received a grace period update if the eLCC is showing a license for Artist 8. It is unclear if that is the case …

Aaaanyway … I doubt if you are going to have much luck finding a Cubase Artist 7 to Cubase 7 Full version upgrade at this point in time. Cubase 7 was released over 7 years ago.

I think the best thing you can do is to upgrade to 10.5 Pro which will also allow you to run all previous versions.

I got it done. Thanks everyone