Have u run into these problems with cubase 7

Hi…trying to sort out if this is a bug or what?..halion se only supports midi channel 1…cant be used as a multi timbral instrument?..my controller evn tho set at channel 2…halion only responds as if its channel 1…sampletank 2xl…same problem…and :open_mouth: if i do get any notes recorded on playback first note is always missing…does not do this with a halion se track…So here are some questions that arises…is halion se a multi timbra plug in? When making midi tracks and changing the track to say channel 2…halion wont play it…so to get around this I have to have a separate instrument for each part…I am using cubase version 7.0 on a new IMAC 2.9 8 gigs of ram mountain lion 10.8.3…if the above are bugs will version 7.05 fix them?..I might also add that my controller works with other daws ok…the next question is…does 7.05 contain all the fixes from 7.0 upward or just from 7.04 to 7.05? :nerd:

Press F11 to open the Rack and load your multitimbral instruments there. Then enable the multi-output switch by clicking on the tiny button that"s on the left side of the instrument’s name in the Rack (It’s very easy to miss). That way you’ll have a separate track for each loaded instrument inside the same instance of say, Halion SE.

If you’re using Instrument Tracks, then you can only use MIDI ch 1 unless you create a VST Expression Map for the instrument you want to use. Then, and only then, will you be able to trigger patches that use MIDI channels other than ch 1.


Ty…halion se is multi timbra now…what page would i locate this info in the manual?.but the question still remains upon sampletank 2…why does the first note never play back on playback?..it doesnt do that in my other daw program. :slight_smile:

I have no idea where to find this in the manual. Just do a search on MIDI Instrument Channels, it should pop up. As far as Sampletank 2 goes, it could be a problem with that particular synth. I don’t use that one, so I can’t verify what’s up with it. You may need to post about it at the Ik Multimedia forums.