Have you any N12 running native on Mac M1Pro?. What about performance?

I’m waiting for a new Mac Studio with M1Pro and excited to test the performance. I came from a MacPro 5.1, so I have hight expectations.
Anyone is running now N12 on M1Pro or M1Ultra?

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I didn’t really start evaluating performance as I’m waiting for Steinberg to release a fix for the Ambisonics bussing bug.

As an aside, note that after installation on an Apple Silicon, N12 first start will be through Rosetta: VST2 and VST3 plug-ins will be available. If you restart N12 native, only VST3 native plug-ins will be available.

@Dolfo @Kewl Running M1Pro (14inch model)

Yes, installation process is little tedious (I have to figure it out about Rosetta). Opening VSTi is somehow sluggish (read unexpectedly slow in my case) but overal I am very happy - in terms of comparison to Rosetta my feeling is that app behaves more responsive.

Disclaimer: “I am prosumer”/Serious hobby user of Nuendo.

I am running N12 on a Mac Studio ultra base model. Plug-ins that are not VST3 universal will not run
Properly, but since I use mostly Waves and Nuendo plugins I have not had any issues editing and mixing. Instruments are another thing though, as the platform has been a bit unstable with instruments, but we have to wait for all the VI’s to be fully universal before that will get fixed. Most of my Spitfire VI’s that are supposed to be native work, a few don’t. Steinberg instruments are not fully stable. I get crashes while changing instrument patches on Halion 6 and Halion SE, and pretty much all Steinberg instruments. Usually it occurs after auditioning 10-15 sounds, then it will dump out. I can use Logic to write music while this gets worked out, although it has plenty of VI issues as well. I have not run any specific tests for performance, but music I wrote on a 12 core x5690 with 48gb of ram and SSDs that would not play back with mastering on the stereo bus, played with mastering plugins and used less than 20% of the cpu and about 15% of the GPU. Sorry for the long winded reply.

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Because you refer Halion 6, you run Nuendo 12 as Rosetta app not Native?

No. I am running it as Native. I had figured that the instruments like Halion SE, Groove Agent SE, etc. were native since they come with Nuendo. I did not use Halion 6, I meant to say Groove Agent SE.

Hello, can I ask you how to run Nuendo 12 natively? When I open “get info” I don’t see the open through rosetta marked, but still “Intel” appears in the activity monitor app.

When I look at the application and “get info” I have a Rosetta check box, and in parentheses it says Universal next to the app name. Here is a screen shot of what it looks like. You just need to make sure you have the box unchecked, and you are running an M1 or variant, or M2 processor.
Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 10.42.16 AM

Thanks Grant,
I figured out what was happening. There’s a bug on the Rosetta box the first time you open Nuendo 12. One should tick it, close “get info”, open it again and untick it. Then it would run natively.

I think I may have done that because I read it on the forum right after I downloaded 12. Glad you found that and it works. Fo far all my WAVES plugins and most of the Spitfire and East West work in native. Native Instruments has some serious issues with their hardware, but all in all it’s been very fast and real smooth. I exported a 44 minute 5.1 full mix with 104 tracks and three 5.1 stems, simultaneously, in 15 minutes.

@Dolfo how did this transition work out for you last year?

We’ve four dubbing rooms and two mixing rooms for dubbing projects. Since M1 arrived one year ago, I can say all the changes of our way of work were very smooth. M1 are great machines and we’ve adapted all our hardware to keep working with new machines. We use Dante and MOTU interfaces in our Yamaha DM2000 consoles and all has been updated to work in M1. Two Houston controllers, one Benringher X-touch, Avid Artist Transport in 3 machines and Artist Mix working too. Transition with Izotope, Melodyne, Waves… all working fine. And M1 are awesome if you get local work with files. When you’re working over our Sinology’s servers the bandwidth of the net is which limits the workflow. Very positive as resume.