Having a heck of a time with automation

My Pro-tools using mixing engineer about had a cow trying to figure out Cubase 7’s automation…and I was embarrassed that I couldn’t be of much help. :blush: We couldn’t get smooth curves at all. We tried looking up “thinning” in the manual, but were probably so sleepy burning the midnight oil that we couldn’t get it right. Cubase must also be possessed because 1 minute riding the faders would work, then on the next pass it would just stop working midway through (using Avid Artist series). I don’t remember having these problems with Cubase 6.

you can set the amount of ‘data reduction’ in the settings on the automation panel. less reduction will produce more automation events, and smoother curves. they will still look quantized to you if you’re used to a daw that interpolated between the automation points (although the result should sound the same, it’s just not so easy on the eyes in cubase).

Thanks for the help. Certainly different from PT. It still seems like C7’s automation is possessed at times. :open_mouth:

You may want to read on the different automation modes. They all behave differently and each one has its place based on what you need to achieve. Here’s a quick video:


Thank you for those links. I will check them out.

The video link is not working unfortunately.

Just take the ‘m’ out :laughing:

Ah! That “m” must mean for mobile devices, cause it works fine for me. I use my iPad almost exclusively to go online, but I’ll try to keep that in mind when I post YouTube links next time.