Having a lil trouble w/ toolbar grey/white scheme

Aloha, no biggie here but…

I know the new toolbar’s grey/white ‘active/non active scheme’ is logical but I am
still having a lil prob adjusting to it.

When using things like :
Snap On/Snap off or
Open Pool Window or
Open/close Channel mixer functions etc
I find I still have to stop and think about what is active and what is not.

Once I do, I end up kicking myself because I realize that this scheme is more logical.
What could be more logical than white for on and grey for off?

But after a couple of weeks of using C6, I find that in use I still have to stop and think about it.
Seems to me it was more intuitive when colours were used (like in the transport bar).

Can’t seem find a preference to bring back colours to it.
Probably not a feature anymore so I just have to adjust and endure.
‘One monkey don’t stop no show’.

Would be nice (for me at least) to have some colour there tho’.

my 2cents/small rant

I actually have the same problem.
It’ll probably just take some time to get used to…

Aloha Pixie and thanks for the reply.
That’s what I keep telling myself.
At least I’m not alone on this one.

Nice avatar pic. Your gear looks kool.

I think it would be best to make it white for off and orange for on. I would say red for on but then red is the generic record color and may get confused by some.

I am with you on this, I sometimes think that if they were 50% on and 50% off I would really have to think twice.
I’d prefer it as it used to be, blue and if it needed to be different green maybe.
Not a big issue, though it seems that white means on needs a second thought now and then.

+1 for blue as previously.

For me, both white and grey tend to indicate a passive state. Blue, or in fact any colour outside of monochrome is fine. Please can we have it back? I am still sometimes mistaking state of ‘quantise to grid’ after a month of using C6!


Once I got used to it it’s not so bad but I agree a bolder color would be better.


I also am having problems with the grey/white scheme. I am so used to seeing grey from unavailable, white for off and a colour for on. White is a bad colour to indicate something is on.

It’s not about an arty “pro” look, it should be about easy of use, and grey and white is not so easy - please bring some colours back, my monitor displays a quarter of a million colours, and Cubase is using 3 of them (black, grey & white) - might as well have a monochrome monitor to run Cubase.