Having cues show over one staff on a grand staff instrument

Hey y’all.

Quick question: I’m making some backing tracks for a twitch streamer friend and I’m currently writing out a rhythm section chart, what I’m trying to do is have rhythmic cues over just the bottom staff of the two showing specific hits I want the musicians to play (the “treble” staff has the melody for the musicians to follow along to) and when I input cues they show up over both staves as shown here: Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 12.56.43 AM

Can I keep using just the one grand staff and just have the cue show over only say the bottom staff or do I need to use 2 different player layouts to create the effect I want? Also side note is there a way to remove the rests from the cue? I don’t want the rests to show in the cue just the rhythms on beats 1 and 2.

I think you just need to make sure you enter the cue while in Note Input mode and on the bottom staff.

  1. Click the first slash on the bottom staff.
  2. Press Shift+N to enter Note Input mode.
  3. Press Shift+U to add a cue.
  4. Type in the name of the cuing instrument and press Enter.
  5. Press Alt+Shift+Right, or drag the handle after leaving Note Input mode, to extend it to two beats.
  6. If necessary, select the cue, open the Properties panel, and turn on “Rhythmic cue” and/or “Hide rests around cue”.