Having difficulty with a coda

Hi everyone! I have a contemporary hymn set up this way in Dorico:

I want it to work like this: Intro, Refrain, Verse 1, Refrain, Verse 2, Refrain, Coda.
And that’s how I set it up but it only repeats. After the final refrain it does not jump to the coda but plays a 3rd verse and then the coda. What is wrong in my setup?


Hymn with CODA.dorico (435.6 KB)

Is there a reason you want to use coda and not 1/2 and 3rd ending?

In any case, your coda isn’t working because you never actually tell Dorico to invoke a coda. You have a jump to the coda, but no DS/DC al Coda.

This is because the last time jumps directly from the refrain to the final chord.

One way around this would be to have a “last time” bar between the refrain and the verses rather than tagging it as a coda (although how you have it set up is not wrong). You could mark it as a first ending and then change it to custom text and mark it as “last time only” or something similar. If it’s playback you’re after, you could indeed use repeat endings and mark the first ending (which would cover the entirety of the verses) to play through twice. Obviously this wouldn’t be proper engraving, however.

Yes I’d rather have the final bar (or coda) between the refrain and verses. But then playback messes up. Wish there was a feature like Manual Repeats Playback where you have a string of bar numbers to playback in any order.

Thank you TylerE. Didn’t realize I needed the DS al Coda in this case. I thought the repeats was enough.

Given my experience with Church Musicians (which may not match yours) I know that mine would prefer:

Refrain /Chorus
Refrain / Chorus
Refrain / Chorus
Final Refrain (which includes the last bar)

What I mean is the DS or DC could be problematic for some players used to some modern worship practices. Especially if the Coda where just one bar. Just my thoughts, but to me @Romanos401 suggestion of a Final ending (with the whole final ending) would be clearer ,playback correctly, and be especially useful if they decided to make any notes or adjustments for the final refrain.

gdball - Yes this makes complete sense and is preferred. I just could not get it to work with the last bar after the refrain. How would you make that playback correctly?

He means actually right it out in full.

So you’d have ||: Refrain / Chrous :|| (3x)
Then Refrain / Last Bar

Ah yes that works too. Good idea. I will try that in other songs. Thanks for all your help guys. Everyone is so kind and helpful here. All the best.

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