Having DSP MixFX run two Interfaces


I had the UR816C, Used it for a year with no issues, I wanted to have more inputs so I purchased the UR824, I tried to connect it to my already installed DSP Mix FX, but I failed, I tried to install the accompanying DSP MixFX, but the system told me that the previous version is preventing it from installing, Ive switch off my UR816 but the DSP Mix FX did not See the UR824.
I found this in the DSP MixFX settings that I can Select between devices but it is disabled, what shall I do? Please help.

Hi Hassan
The dspmixfx are different for 816c and 824.
Have you tried stopping the dspmixfx for the 816c and then install the 824 dspmixfx?


UR 816c

You are right, I realized now that they are different, but I couldn’t install the dspMixFx for 824 until I uninstalled the Basic dspMixFx for 816