Having Dynamic Trouble

I am having some issues with gradual dynamics (hairpin dynamics) not being played on certain VST’s. It does the immediate dynamics and articulations but I can’t find out how to get the gradual dynamics to work. If anyone has a thread or something that can teach me to fix the issue or something it would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I’m fairly new to Dorico 3 so all the technicalities might be lost on me.
P.S.S I’ve been using the Halion 6 VST’s which have been giving me trouble.

Welcome to the forum, Imrahil7. The issue is probably that you need to choose an appropriate expression map in the Endpoint Setup dialog so that Dorico knows how to handle gradual dynamic changes. Your sounds probably require either CC1 (modulation) or CC11 (expression) to be used for gradual dynamic changes: please refer to the documentation supplied with your sound library.

Awesome, it works! Thank you so much!