Having Dynamics issue with Kontakt Player 6

Hi! When I play and record with any library like Spitfire Chamber Strings or Metropolis Ark, dynamics knob reset to zero in Kontakt 6 when I stop and restart a track. It also happens even when I use any standalone vst instrument. I mean it is not related to Kontant Player I think.
I’ve read several forums of NI and sample libraries. Also ask in Facebook groups but there is no finalized solution about the issue.
Anybody having the same problem? Is there any solution inside Cubase?


I’m sorry, I don’t know the library… Can you control this by any MIDI CC? Isn’t just the MIDI CC value reset (for example via MIDI Chase Events)?

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the respond. I use Cubase 7 Elements and I am afraid I can see MIDI Chase Events. Is there another way?


In the preferences > MIDI > Chase Events, you can set up, what MIDI Message type should be chased. I believe this is in Cubase Elements too.


Boxes inside the chase window were already ticked except from SysEx. I didn’t see any problem there.

But I tried something else; I opened the Key Editor and under the keyboard I added Modulation window (just under Velocity) to see CC1 details.
There was a part (just in the beginning) with missing modulation signals. Then I drew it manually with the drawing tool and now it works.
But that means I should correct it manually each time I use dynamics in my midi controller what is frustrating. There must be solution with the settings.


Then it seems the Dynamics Knob is controlled by MIDI CC1 (Modulation). Cubase sends Resets CCs when you stop, therefore value 0 of MIDI CC1 has been sent out and the Dynamics Knob changed. …I would say.

Thank you!

  1. Even if “never reset chased controllers” and “chase not limited to part boundaries” are checked in the Preferences, Cubase still resets the controllers on stop. Unchecking “Reset on stop” doesn’t help it.
  2. When starting playback, it doesn’t trigger the CC value until it changes, so lets say I’ve had a passage where I’ve used the modwheel and currently isn’t using it, I’d need to retrigger the modwheel when playback is started again, otherwise it will continue with CC1 value 0.