Having isues with smooth video playback in Nuendo 11

However to note, with a recent windows update and making sure my graphic drivers are updated smooth playback has been great right off the card, better than i’ve had at least so far.

May I know what card do you have? I mean blackmagic.

Blackmagic intensity pro not 4k. so far it may be related to 23.97 or 24fps not sure yet. Seems to do these graphical slow downs and runs fine most of the time, just really annoying. I may need to convert to DNX to see if it improves any

Don’t bother it’s a known issue with every file format and every playback system that needs to be fixed but with us a long long time. Stop/Play fixes it once it happens and it happens every few runs.

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Yes, that’s right, Sagi! I’ve faced four-five computers that have this issue in Windows. But I’ve already heard from several people that they have NO issues with playback thru their blackmagic cards. So I’m wondering if they just don’t notice it or they really have no issues? I think it’s hard to miss this really noticeable stutter effect even on powerful system, so there’s still the possibility that they really don’t have it, which is hopeful)

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There is no way this doesn’t happen on some systems, it affects all users who work with any Steinberg software Windows and Mac, onscreen playback or hardware playback such as BMD and AJA, the only way to prevent this behavior is to use a third-party playback system using external sync.
Anyone who says it is not happening on his system just lucky to be blind :grimacing:
BTW, I wouldn’t call it just stuttering, from my observation every few runs it playback at about half the actual video frame rate, so maybe if one plays a video that is 50 or 60 FPS and it plays back only at 25/30 FPS , I can totally understand why such user wouldn’t see the problem.

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Sagi, with great respect to your experience, I have the same negative results with this issue. But if people say they don’t have it, I think it needs to be checked twice. I have at least one person around that told me about “not having a single problem” so I gonna visit him to make sure myself and see if he’s one of those lucky guys)

Hi @McSound , I’m super curious to hear the results (with all seriousness).
Please make sure you work as if it was a real-life project, not just a test. I would even suggest you bring one of your own projects with you as another test case.
I personally made about 15 of those, and not one turned out to be a true miracle.

My solution is to have a MAC playing back with VST Systemlink.
It is much better this way, still skipt a frame here and there, but not as bad as on our main WIN system.

I am in contact with some Steinberg people an they are aware of this and promised to get it fixed as soon as possible. Turned out to be a “harder” thing to do, but they are working on it atleast.

Yeah, I certainly will bring my old 80gb movie project that has much realtime fx. No mercy to test subject! I’ll post results here as soon as I have it.

That is hopeful! If they fix it - it will be the most significant update for me! But as we all know it can take a LOT of time, even a year or two or whatever, so meanwhile I’d better dig it from my side.

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Okay good to know they are aware and thanks @Sagi for saving me time from running a bunch of test. Glad to know that steinberg is aware of the issue and hope a fix comes

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Im am very happy to hear Steinberg are working on it too …thanks to hendrix 97 making direct contact with steinberg… it is clear from the responses here that many folks are struggling with this issue…
regardless of their base system being Mac or Pc workstation…I’m sure users around the planet who are using the Nuendo platform specifically for film , video, game and television production would be most grateful for a solution.
cheers all