Having isues with smooth video playback in Nuendo 11

Hi all …I am currently building a foley layout for an animation project using Nuendo 11. I have a 4 minute section of footage in my session that has been rendered with a compatible codec …I have tried both a Quicktime h264 and an MPG4 h264…the file size is a little over 400mb…the video playback is smooth for a short period then it stalls…audio is still playing realtime throughout…
This makes my process for precise layout very slow…
Any thoughts are most welcome…cheers

Most of the times, compressed video codecs like h264 are messing things up. I would advice you to buy the DNxHD video decoder from Steinberg and only work with DNxHD Files. Therefore you can get the MediaER Toolkit from Audiospot (or any other video converter) to convert your clips simple and fast to DNxHD. Cheers

Hey there chednb…thanks for the response…much appreciated…
I tend to use DNxHD most of the time for post vis in film production…I went for the compressed MPEG/quicktime solution as those formats were suggested in the NUENDO help file…I will go back into DaVinci Resolve and re export… and hope that improves the performance…if not… I will do as you suggest and purchase the latest codec directly from Avid…thanks again for your thoughts kind Sir

You don’t need the codec from Avid. To work with DNxHD in Nuendo or Cubase, you need the DNxHD video decoder from Steinberg. But if you already worked with DNxHD files, then you should already have purchased and installed it, right?
All the best

AHA…that makes sense…this process of building foley tracks in Nuendo is new territory for me , so I’m in “lean mode” …Im used to davinci Resolve and the footage flies in that interface…thank you again for your insightful words…I shall get the decoder form Steinberg…cheers chednb

Or convert your video to ProRez.
In that case you don’t need the (cheap) Avid decoder for Nuendo.


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thanks Fredo…I might try that now as my login which was updated 3 days ago is failing again…thanks for the tip …cheers

Hey Chednb…now running the DNxHD encoder …well worth the 40 bux for the purchase…running much smoother…
and Fredo…I did attempt the proRes option but i am running here on a monster windows workstation and daVinci Resolve dont export that codec without a plugin.
Thanks to you both for your suggestions…have a great day one and all…


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Sounds familiar. I used to have the same issues and did the best investment I wish I did sooner. I bought a Blackmagic 4K Intensity card and it works like a dream, supersmooth and quick. Highly recommended! And it is very cheap too.

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Davinzzie: May I ask you a thing? Do you have Mac or PC? Cause I have PC with decklink minimonitor card and have sort of stutter playback from time to time. I’ve tried a whole bunch of things to get rid of it but all in vain. Do you really have absolutly no issues with video playback thru blackmagic card at all ?

Both, I used it in my PC and now in my Mac Pro, and indeed both without issues.

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Very interesting! I also tried minimonitor 4K with no luck. Just to clear things up: we’re talking about Intensity Pro 4K, like this - https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1123881-REG/blackmagic_design_bintspro_4k_intensity_pro_4k.html ? Then I’ll get it somewhere for a while to try it in my system and I’ll be very surprised if it help my problem.

Yes, that’s the exact one!


now thats interesting…I use blackmagic daVinci Resolve for all my editorial and post vis processing for feature film…and a big fan …havent looked into hardware solutions yet other than the fairlight fader surface…i will definitely check it out…thanks for the tip Davinzzie…cheers

Thanks, Davinzzie! I’ll give it a try (I hope the last one, successful :slight_smile: )

I’m also using an Intensity pro 4k, works fine!
But I also have no issues with the built in video, as long as I use uncompressed video codecs…

hey there Chednb…i,ve been doin a little further research on the Bmagic pro 4k card and the reviews are good for such a cheap card…
and certainly functionally diverse enough for my purposes…and perfect for client review on a 4k monitor…

so far the dnxHd decoder from steinberg you suggested is working so much better for me now…so thanks again for the tip…but i will be looking to purchase the hardware soon…
cheers…andy C… No!se 4 P!ctures

Hi @noise4Pictures,
I’m not using a 4k monitor in my studio (only full HD) so I can’t say if the Intensity Pro 4k leads to some benefit here, but give it a try! It supports ultra HD, so therefore I think it will work fine. And as you said, this card is really cheap, so you won’t “loose” lots of money. All the best

I will certainly give it a try Monsieur chednb…thanks again for your feedback…cheers

I have the same issue, works well but slight stutter, goes away after stopping and starting, thought it might have been a system exclusive thing on my end.