Having Playback Issues With My UR22 on Win 11

I just upgraded to a new computer recently, which is a Windows 11 machine. Previously was using a Windows 10 machine, where my UR22 MK2 worked fine. Using DAWs mostly Reason 12, and Adobe Premiere softwares.

On my new Windows 11 PC, in DAWs audio playback will dropout any time I move my mouse, yes literally when I move my mouse the playback drops out, as if it can’t handle processing it. But it’s a new PC running plenty of power, maybe too much? 40 series graphics if that matters. In Premiere the dropouts are more random, and only solved by switching off my UR22 as a line-in device.

Any solutions? I’m on the latest drivers, so I guess I could try rolling back - anyone else have luck doing this. Or just using an open source ASIO4ALL might help? Kind of a headache playing with driver versions, maybe just need a different audio interface, as my other soundcard seems to work fine. Please advise?

TBH, the issue is most likely not in Cubase, I guess it is something installed on your new PC what is disturbing the USB performance or the system stability in general.
We had complaints about similar problems already, and most of the problems were related to bloatware or installed plugins with special demo mode.
And the Nvidia drivers with all the gaming stuff are doing bad things on audio software as well.

Please avoid system tools from main board vendors, system optimizers and other obscure tools.
And use the Studio driver for Nvidia graphics cards only.