Having problem with size of channel setting window

I’s suddenly having problems with the size of the channel setting window… its gone extremely large!! and the eq section missing… gone crazy!

I;m on 6.06. I deleted preference presets in program but no luck. Is there a preference folder on osx somewhere? I can’t find it.

anyway anyone else having these kinda issues??

I had exactly the same issue last weekend!
Never got the channel overview back as I wished on that project.

Next to some other issues I had to face with (lost surround panner after duplicating tracks, kicker-keystrokes stopped working several times until restart…) this weekend-postpromix was (after a longer break at all) my last try with the current N6, atm I am back on PT, and really get used to it more and more…

I had same issue. i am on Cubase 7.06 x64, Windows 8

it’s looking like this!

Please help!!!
Cubase Channel Setting Error.jpg

Same issues on windows??? What’s going on?!