Having problems with first use of D.S. al Fine

This is my first use of Dorico’s D.S. al Fine. I was copying a score written in an unknown other score program and can’t make it work in Dorico.

Here is a pdf showing the problem. This pdf is shown solely for the purpose of illustrating a problem.
Odessa Bulgarish - 2022-12-01.pdf (55.2 KB)
I want everything to play, with three sections repeated. When play finishes measure 45 for the second time, I expect play to move to the signum on measure 2, play through measure 20, then stop. Instead, after playing measure 20 it skips to 24, then plays to the end, with repeat on the section starting at measure 38. Then it finally stops. Since this is my first use of this in Dorico, I assume that I am missing something simple.

You need to activate the playback option (ctrl-shift-P)>repeats>play repeats after DS/DC jump, since your Fine is under the 1st time bar. Without this Dorico will jump the the 2nd time bar after the DS.

That solves the problem completely. Thank you so much!