having problems with groups in 5.1

i want to group all the fronts ,rears ,center to individual groups with lfe control from the groups as well as the ind channels but when i do that the surr panner goes away and no lfe. any thoughts? what channel conf should i have for the group channels?

i found a pretty cool workaround,

first add 2 child busses ,one for the stereo rs and one stereo
2nd add 3 group tracks (not by adding tracks to group way)
3 route fronts ,rears ,center to the groups
4 route the fronts to the stereo child buss and the rears to the stereo rs buss and the center to center
5 on the group tracks make aux send 8 route to the lfe output
now the panner will work on all the stereo and mono tracks and the lfe thru the panner will work with the group tracks,and whats cool about that the aux lfe on the groups acts like a master lfe for the groups,it wont pass lfe from the groups thou,idk
but now the panner shows up and just put lfe on there,its a workaround but its cool

heres pics

more pics
center in a stereo channel.jpg
eff surround.jpg
5.1 vst connections.jpg

well anybody doing surround in cubase pro 8?

Yes. My default setup - even when creating music that will end up stereo - is 5.1.
(I like to hear stuff spread around me while I’m working)

I was trying to get my head around your setup but failing.

Haven’t tried it, but If you route your final “Fronts”, Surrounds, etc groups to Stereo child buses are you not going to get down-mixes of the 5.1 group into the stereo bus? Seems this would make panning a bit tricky.

How do you do a front to rear move? Or a rotation?
All my final Stems or Groups are 5.1. into the 5.1 Mains.

On my setup I use a Bass Management plug (inserted on my main monitor setup in the control room) from Voxengo.
This supplements the extreme bottom end missing from my near fields.
Then I can force certain track or groups to the LFE directly from the panner.
This I do sparingly.
It is assumed that - beyond those “Made for LFE” sounds the end listener’s system will take care of Bass Management.

My Big Issue with Cubase 5.1 handling is that you cannot pan a 5.1 (or 5.0, Quad, etc) signal into a 5.1 Main (or group or nothin)

I posted this issue here (silence) and also asked in the Nuendo forum if that program can do it (also silence).

This limitation means you cannot reduce the separation, or offset positioning, or rotate . . etc any 5.1 group into the final 5.1 mix. Or even onto a 5.1 stem.

I’m sure Nuendo CAN do it with that fancy panner they include . . . I guess.
Couldn’t find it in the Nuendo manual.


well stuff that i know that will only will be in center or rears i use the groups but u can use groups for surround tracks as well but the bug is u cant use the add tracks to group way ,that way the panner goes away ,u have to add the group then route tracks to that group,whats cool about having diff groups for fronts and rears and center is when u connect the lfe to a send the lfe on each track works and the aux acts as a master lfe,and the downmix does work with child busses