Having real trouble with staff visibility

The piano part in the piece I’m working on sometimes needs a third stave when I need a bass clef note but the other 2 staves are in treble clef. This is an xml score in which I had the extra stave in sib 7. I think I actually deleted this stave since there weren’t many instances of needing and used Dorico’s add stave below and just re-inputted the notes. When I needed to use it I highlighted the bar(s) I wanted to show it in and then selected the bars I wanted to delete. Some how or other I ran into trouble with this and now I seem to have piano stave a,b,c,d,e, and f and I can’t make them all show so I can delete them, so how do I get rid of them? Thanks

Have you tried switching to Galley View and showing signposts? That should make all staff changes visible.

Thanks dankreider, I looked into that and most of the instances show but here’s one that doesn’t in the highlighted bar. As you can see I have signposts on and when I went to staff visibility I still had staffs a b c d e f showing in the pop up but nothing showed on the page. There should be a 3rd bass staff in the highlighted bar.

Have you tried deleting those signposts at the top of the page? I’m guessing a little.

I tried that and here’s what I got with no extra stave showing, but it looks like it should be:

I am writing a choral piece and also use the staff feature a lot. It seems that for every occurance of a new staff, dorico is creating a new name in staff visibility, although they don’t exist anymore at this point (or maybe even yet?).
I hope Daniel or someone else from the team can confirm.

These are SINGLE PLAYERS I used to be able to create staffs easily whenever needed. I never have more than 3 staffs visible in total and at this moment there’s actually only one for each player.

There is certainly no limit on the number of extra staves you can create, and if you tell Dorico to add a new staff, it will do. I would suggest you show a single additional staff throughout and then use the Remove Staff option to hide it where required, if you see what I mean.

Thank Daniel.
Does it mean that if I add a staff in the beginning of the score, remove it and then want to add another staff at the end that Dorico will not „reuse“ the staff created at the beginning at this point, but rather create a „third“ staff?
Just want to make sure I understand correctly.

Klafkid, that seems to be what I’m experiencing. Oddly, in some instances I actually get the notes that are supposed to be on the extra staff even though it has a new letter designation. At least it’s creating the effect that I need.