Having the Channel EQ before the inserts by default

Hey guys how do you have the Channel EQ before the inserts (for plugins) by default on cubase? so that everytime I open a new project it automatically on each track has the signal flow being
Pre->Channel strips[EQ/Gate/Sat etc…]->inserts->sends


Save a Track Preset. Then instead of creating an Audio Track the common way, load the Track Preset.

This should really be a preference setting… Track Preset for this is just another workaround IMO.


I think a Preferences setting would only work if you used it the same way every single time. Meaning no option is going to please every one!

is it doable now in the preferrence setting? I think it would be cool if this is in a list of recommendations for future update

Everything in preferences?
Aren’t they complicated enough at the moment?
At least, many users struggle with them.

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No, it’s not.

HI Martin – thanks for prompt response. is this something you can add onto a development list?


To do so, add the optional feature-request tag to your post, please.

Instead of clogging the Preferences even further, I think it would be sufficient to let the user define a track preset as the default preset. For plugins we have the possibility to define a preset as the default preset already.


ok done

Expanding on my above:
Imagine we could define a track preset already in the “Add Track” dialog…

… and then imagine we could pass on these options of the dialog as arguments in “Key Commands/Macro”. We could then create a key command for adding the default audio track, or a vocal audio track, or a guitar audio track, and so on.


Doesn’t need to be a preference - there’s absolutely no reason why the position of the EQ couldn’t be set from within the channel window as shown a few posts above by xerix.
If the Inserts and strip elements were combined into a single panel we could then re-order (and set) at will.

This is an excellent suggestion, I’d love to pick a track preset in that dialog.