Having to reinstall Tools For MR drivers everytime


I seem to have a problem where every so often, when I bump my pci expresscard that connects my laptop to my MR816x via firewire while the interface is on, everything goes haywire. Then when I close and reopen Cubase AI5, it will not record. The interface is recognized by Cubase but when I try to record, nothing happens and when I press stop, the track disappears. Then I have to uninstall all of the drivers for Tools For MR (Yamaha Steinberg Firewire Driver, Steinberg MR Editor, Steinberg MR Extension) and reinstall them all again. Is there anyway to avoid having to uninstall and reinstall each time (other than being clumsy and bumping the connection)? And I make sure to double check all of my input and output bus selections and the interface is working no problem. In fact Cubase works flawless at recording other than after a ruin the connection.

Btw, I’m using a Lenovo T420 laptop on Windows 7. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!