Having trouble recording midi from Genos into Cubase and more

I am having a headache right now as I spent most part of Sunday thumping the desktop.

I just purchased Sonarworks headphone calibration software and loaded up and It was great
I got up today and things were going awol on me

Now In cubase I cannot record a simple midi track without It disappearing.
I have set the midi ins and outs as I always have but now something has really gone .
I press record and It flatlines and when stopping, the clip disappears like a flash.
The in activity shows my level of note playing.
Also I now cannot record a midi clip to audio as that flatlines with my focusrite 6i6.
I have daw 3 and 4 on and In Cubase It is Line 3 and 4 on In and out.
The driver Is ok and all set

If I put an audio track In the same track as i want to record In It plays. The same goes for a midi clip
You can put them in their respective tracks and they will play , but try recordong to them and nothing.

Vst’s work ok though

What has happened to my system as this was not like this a few weeks back as I recorded a midi track to audio easily on the same setings

Anyone help me here, would be appreciated

All the best


Can you see the MIDI data are written to the MIDI Part while recording?

Hi Martin

I am at wits end with this at the moment
I had all going well last month,and i decided to purchase some Focal Alpa 50 speakers and get Sonarworks calibration software.
i have only changed them and balance leads.

Ok ,I have got a Focusrite 6i6 unit and in the mixer I have daw tracking 1 and 2 checked. In Cubase It comes out as MIc 1and 2 and mon 1 and 2 when I configure the In and out bus I go to the bottom of Studio and Focusrite drivers are checked. You would think It easy now to record a simple midi passage from my Genos. Once configured I highlight the track and arm and go for record.
I hear my Genos and you can see the activty on the volume as well as you play a few notes .I then stop as the track has no midi information printing and the white track or shell disappears in a flash. I do not know what is happening here.
I have Banlab also as I changed over to cubase when Cakewalk went bust.
Bandlab does record midi and vst, but i cannot record a Genos final track to a wave file.On bandlab that just flatlines
In Cubase I cannot record a simple midi track or Vst, but you can see the activity. You can hear a vst if you hit the VST keyboard with a mouse.
You cannot do It from the Genos. If you put a midi tack Into Cubase It does play.
I know I can record midi to audio Insde the Genos, but I want to edit and bring down to a wave In Cubase as I have done In the past.
I just do not know what has changed.
I hope you can make get your head around what i am saying as It is a bit long winded.
I am always a little away from my perfect set up :frowning:
I have tried routing all through the focusrite but there is no control over volumes that way.
The setup i use used to work great .
I just wonder if the focusrite drivers being now beta for 1st generation is rubbish. You cannot get a full driver from their site now as they say It is out of date and may render your box useless. So I think the driver is a second generation driver which works up to a point now.

Thanks for takeing timre to reply to me

All the best

A higher resolution version of your diagram might help, I can’t really see what is what (though it does look more complicated than necessary).
Also useful would be some screen grabs of your audio settings screens.

And I think you’ll need to try one thing at a time, you seem to be throwing a lot of maybe un-needed information.

I don’t think you answered Martin’s question, either.

Sorry Plan

I have another way to ask my question

I have shut off the Focusrite as I was getting stressed out and had a good break.
Today I realized that I better start with midi.
So I shut my Focusrite box off
I did answer Martins question ,but It was hidden with all the junk i was spouting off!!! :smiley:

Midi was not showing or printing on track as I play

Because I am a Sonar refugee I still have Bandlab
I fired that up and just made a midi channel armed and hit record and all played and printed on channel.
Now at the moment I am just going out from the Genos with a USB connection to the computer using the Yamaha driver which is fine.
I was able to get a result with Bandlab.
I want Cubase to be my main daw now.

I did the same with cubase and In the Inspector I have In-- all midi inputs and out— Genos workstation

I now arm record and a blank recording is recorded . once stopped It disappears. the blank part that Is.
Normally It stays there until deleted. The funny thing is ,you see input activity.
If you hit the block chord pads which you can use ,they sound inside Cubase and you can drag then to track and they also sound.
So something from the Genos to Cubase is going on.
Is there something In Cubase that I have upset as this never used to happen with my setup.
Or Is It flaming windows updates

all the best

Hi Update

I have got Midi and vst working
The 1-16 midi channels in MIDI FILTER were unchecked
That was accessed through preferences

So Now I have to find out how i can record Midi from the Genos to and audio track.

My midi setup is fine with In and out midi to Focusrite 6i6.
So The computer sends the midi to The Genos and the Genos sends the midi info through the Focusrite then down the usb to computer.
I cannot get the midi track to print an audio track still.
It may have something to do with the focusrite routing, but I cannot figure it out yet
I have done midi to audio about three month ago and was fine then,but somehow I cannot replicate it
I did have 12 midi tracks down to one audio track. Frustrating!!

all the best

I’m glad you’re getting somewhere!

You can’t convert MIDI to Audio. A MIDI track is just instructions as to what note numbers to play etc it doesn’t contain any sound.

The MIDI information has to then be directed at an instrument (your external keyboard or a VSTi for example) and the Audio from this can then be recorded as an Audio track. This may sound pedantic and you may well know this but it’s an important point to make if you’re trying to record the Audio output of a MIDI track. How you go about capturing this Audio depends on what the MIDI is triggering (your external keyboard or VSTi) and very possibly which version of Cubase you have (Elements/Artist/Pro…with Cubase Pro for example a VSTi track can be rendered to Audio using the Render in Place function but this not available in the lower versions).

Hi Nic

I spoke to Yamaha and also rang Focusrite and they had remote access to my computer.
I had to change some of my wiring for routing and success.
it Is weird at the moment to me as the Genos has to have a dummy audio track alive to record from It and as many channels as you like.
Orange speaker lights on and off to hear midi from Genos and orange light on to record to wave and off to hear.
I put a whole midi song which I did on the Genos and had to have that dummy audio track alive to hear It. Just a click away.
The Dummy track I suppose is the stereo out.
I went In my other room and wrote everything in a book so I have a hard copy and save the results from Focusrite In the Cubase projects Folder.
I would like to thank everyone for helping me out here.

Big tip for all who have trouble with their Focusrite or getting their mixer to work.
Ring Focusrite up and they can get remote access to your computer with your consent and they can do it In a click all over the world.

All the best