Having Trouble Upgrading

I have Cubase LE 5. I then got the trial version of Cubase 6.5. I bought the upgrade of Cubase 6.5 for Cubase LE 5. I got it in the mail today, ran it through the installer, entered the activation code, but was not given the option to upgrade the license for Cubase LE 5. I’m thinking that I need to uninstall the trial version of 6.5, but am afraid to lose my last 4 days of trial. What am I missing?

You need to transfer the LE 5 soft e-license to the USB e-licenser first - Done that…?

I’m showing that it’s on there, but I don’t honestly remember whether or not I put it on there.

I wanted to give a bone head update. I had thought that the LE 5.0 license was on the USB since it was in the eLicenser Control Center, but then I noticed that it was split into two sections. I clicked and dragged the LE 5.0 License from the soft license section to the USB license section and was able to upgrade that way.

Just wanted to give the solution in case any other technological bewbs find this and need help.