Having trouble with uploading music.

I have tried uploading to soundcloud, email, etc.
What can I do. I created a sound cloud to share my music, but when I attempt to upload the files always get stuck in “processing” is there any other way that I can simply upload my sounds so that I can share them? I’ve created an entire album and I can’t get it to upload anywhere! I only bought this IPad so I can use this app, and it’s exclusively used to creat my music, but I’m getting really frustrated with the inability to share my music. What do I do? I am on an ipad Air running i.o.s 12.4.6

Have you tried converting your songs into .wav files?


I will try to help you. Sometimes that happens in SC.

Try logging out of SC and then logging back in with your account.

see if in the configuration of your SC account you have active permissions to connect with Music Studio.

If everything is correct and you still cannot upload music, you can do it in another way:

In the MS audio folder you will have your file converted into wav format, even if you have not been able to send it to SC.

You can export it to apple files or icloud, wherever you want.

go to SC and in the menu of your profile look for “tracks”. Select it. from there, in the upper left corner you have the upload option, select it: it will open files and select what you want to upload.

This last option never fails.