Having Two Plugins on Top

Is it possible to have two or more plugins open and on top of one another? I want to have a mixbus plugin open, then open one on a channel and view both at the same time. I can open the mixbus one just fine, but when I open the channel plugin the mixbus plugin disappears. I want both up on the window at the same time so I can see what one does to the other when I turn it off. I notice if I change to the Mixer window view I can do this and both stay open and visible, but is there a way in the standard default view?

I’ve only seen this from iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced or Neutron 2 Advanced. They have a Tonal Balance plugin intended for mastering (four sections across the full frequency band) - and - if you open the iZotope EQ plugin in the same Cubase channel, the Tonal Balance will give you the option to open the EQ within Tonal Balance where you can make EQ adjustments and see the change in Tonal Balance affecting the entire mix. This is the first time a plugin has been offered with anything like this.

Unless I misunderstand you,I have no problem doing this…what are the plugins and which version of Cubase (9/9.5…Elements/Artist/Pro)?

Preferences/plugin editors always on top ticked?

Heh, yes that would help!

Well not necessarily as they said it worked over the mixer and I don’t think it would work there either if not ticked.
But always worth trying the simple stuff! :slight_smile: