HD files location on performer machine?

I’m really reaping the benefits of this system and keen to suggest ways to improve it if possible.

I had an issue yesterday where the studio PC crashed after recording was finished but before the HD files had been transferred. On reconnection the HD files were not shown as available for download so we had to re-record.

  1. Where are the HD files stored on the performer machine prior to transfer? Could they still be there?

  2. Are the HD files for the session deleted when the connection is closed? If so, as a new feature, could this be made optional until a preset storage limit is reached?

  3. As a new feature could the storage location for the HD files on the performer machine be set to any nominated ‘data’ drive if it was fast enough?

Onwards and upwards.


  1. depends on OS, Windows: documents/VSTConnectPerformer. The folders there should have been named after the Cubase/Nuendo project.
  2. Nothing is ever deleteted on the Performer computer except via the manager/files function in the plugin.
    You can simply transfer that folder to your studio machine and use the “Get local files” function (offline, do not log in). That function will do what “Get HD files” would do in an online scenario. It also means that if no HD files are offered (due to crash or similar), you can still get the audio back into the project, however those files have different start and length, but they should provide the reference start option.
  3. we haven’t had that request yet, however we are working on a function that saves a compressed folder of the current project to a location of your choice (backup, or use for said “Get local Files” function), which you can then save or transfer and erase the original files later.

Great. Thanks for the super-quick response. I’ll go into the performer m/c via Teamviewer and see what’s there. They were good takes!

I, too, have always had issues with the HD Files transfer. I repeatedly get “file receive error” messages, and for some reason, VST Connect Performer is recording 9 or 10 identical copies of each take. That’s a lot of WAV files.

I had my client WeTransfer me the directory of HD audio files, but you haven’t mentioned how I can enable the “Get Local Files” option in VST Connect. What must I do to introduce the local files to VST Connect?


AWESOME!! :grin:

That function is already available in version 5.5. Performer klicks settings/Export for Get Local HD and sends zip file to be unpacked in studio and provided to “Get Local HD”.