hdd noise when cubase running

I have comp and monitors on diff power strips all balanced cables. If just the computer is on and I have anything open like wavelab its ok, but with cubase its loud. Any ideas how to fix from hearing hdd through Hs80m?

Ok its anytime my drive starts working.

Are you using a laptop. If so, try running on batteries - if the noise disappears then it is likely to be caused by noise in the earth from the switch mode power supply. Try replacing the laptop power supply with a double insulated supply (rather than an earthed supply) and you should be OK. I did this and it worked.
Note - Do not take the earth off a non double insulated power supply.


Desktop and its only apparent when the hdd is working. It’s driving me nuts. Other than the hdd its super quiet. There has to be a fix. I’m curious if its my soundcard for some reason? Maybe cause its usb? Either way my old monitors did not pick this up.

Aloha d,

In my experience whenever hard drives start making noise (for any reason) be very careful because it might be heading south. Make sure your stuff is backed up just in case.