hdd to ssd

Im looking to swap my sample hdd to an ssd.
If i just copy all files of samples for the steinberg instruments to new ssd then shut down pc remove hdd and fit ssd to sata port where the hdd was will steinbergs vstis locate the files or would they need to be reinstalled?

Thanks in advance


  1. Mount new drive into your system, leaving the drive letter at whatever it defaults to.
  2. Format it with 64kB sectors.
  3. Copy all folders and files from the old to the new drive.
  4. Remove the old drive.
  5. Set the drive letter for the new drive to what the old drive was.
  6. If required, set up any network shares that were on the old drive to be exactly the same on the new drive.

Everything should work fine.

Hopefully they will still work.

Going to fit it in the next few days

The Samsung 840Pro and EVO SSDs come with a transfer-magician software that makes it all happen.