Head Exploding with Mediabay and VSTi presets - Cubase 13

Cubase 13 latest release

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Perhaps I’ve missed something glaringly obvious, but I’m a bit bewildered with the process of saving and loading VSTi presets and use of the MediaBay. plus what might be a a couple of bugs?


  1. I’ve created a Folder to store my own Retrologue presets and can save them to this location no problem using the blue save Icon in Retrologue itself. [RED]

  2. BUG? Note in [YELLOW] that the preset name didn’t change in the VSTi wrapped and still says “Absolutely 80s” - the preset I edited and saved as “Paul Bass Test Tune 001”

  3. BUG? I then tried to edit the style [GREEN] , but the pop up window is hidden behind the Retrologue save preset window

  4. Possible bugs aside, so far pretty good…

  1. Now this is where it starts to get a bit strange …

  2. I’ve found there’s TWO places I can save a preset from the VSTi wrapper [RED], and either one opens up a weird window called “Save BASS Retrologue Preset”.

There’s no indication of the filepath, or any method of choosing a location, other than creating a “new Folder” in this mysterious place. Could someone kindly explain this window to me? Surely it should be populated with both the factory presets and the two I’ve saved myself [GREEN] in mediabay.

and now on to …


  1. Strangely there’s two places to load presets [RED],and at least this time the factory presets are showing in the right pane.

  2. These presets appear to be in two folders both called Retrologue, but no way of knowing the proper filepath, and furthermore the two presets I saved do not appear.

  3. I thought the idea of the media bay was so you could set up a folder location. media bay will scan the folder, and then when you click “Load Preset” you’ll be presented with all presets pertaining to that particularly VSTi? This window doesn’t allow to navigate to the proper file location for my presets, not that I should have to do that anyway?

  4. Also I noticed that if I tried to load one of my two presets [GREEN] by double clicking on them in the MediaBay window itself it created a NEW Instrument track, with a NEW instance of Retrologue. Clearly not what I expected or wanted.

and now on to the THIRD method of loading presets…

  1. Clicking on the Preset name in Retrologue itself open up yet another window. Called Retrologue Load Preset [RED]
  2. ‘FILE SYSTEM’ and ‘USER’ [GREEN] are selected, but I see no file system and I don’t see the two presets I saved (Which MediaBay successfully scanned and logged as belonging to Retrologue.)

If you’ve got this far then many thanks for reading.

Can someone unravel what seems like a convoluted mess to me?

All I want to do is create a location of my choosing for my presets, have MediaBay log those presets in its database, so when I click ‘save preset’ or ‘load preset’ in a particular VSTi I’m presented with a window containing my presets for that VSTi.

HUGE THANKS in advance for any help :slight_smile:

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Hi peeps, hope this is not too soon for a friendly bump :slight_smile:

I sympathize, because you are dealing here with the worst aspect of Cubase. The whole MediaBay/vstpresets system has been introduced In Cubase 4 (more than fifteen years ago…) and, IMO, never worked as one could both find reliable and intuitive.

I just made a little test after having read your post. Here it is :

  • I created a D:\Music\TestRetrologuePresets folder.
  • I made an edit of the Almighty Strings preset and saved it in this exact folder with ‘Mod’ added to its name.
  • I tried to reload it via the Load program dropdown list. It wasn’t listed, as I forgot to scan it in MediaBay. My bad…
  • So, I opened MediaBay and carefully rescan the newly created folder by using its tick box. Once the folder having turned to white with my preset in it, I closed MediaBay and went to the Retrologue window again.
  • Using again the Load program dropdown list, I was expecting to see my edited Almighty Strings Mod preset listed : nope, it wasn’t…

It’s this kind of quirks, beside the ones you already listed that makes me avoid the use of the Cubase bundled VSTis : these have considerably improved through the years, both in features and by the sounds available. Sadly, their presets management is as clunky as it was 15 years ago. So 99% of the time, I use my third party VSTis with their own proprietary presets management.


I think the issue here is you are mixing two different preset systems. The Cubase plugin presets work with any plugin. However, many plugins have their own preset system.

The problem is Steinberg plugins make an effort to combine these two systems and use the media bay for both. As you’ve seen, that doesn’t work very well. Just stick to using one or the other and you’ll be fine. Also, if you try this with a non-Steinberg plugin it will be a lot more clear.

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Thanks for replying Cubic13.

The behaviour you’ve confirmed below is the least I’d expect to actually work.

it should be simple:
Scan a location in Media bay. Cubase recognises which plugin or instrument it belongs to, and then it traumatically shows up when you click “Load preset” in said plugin/Instrument. After 35 years of Cubase surely… :smile:

Thanks for replying GlennO.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact the system is broken, and I’m sticking to using the standard windows file browser, but even that doesn’t remember the filepath per plugin/Instrument.

I read through your post again, but I don’t see anything that is broken. The problem is you’re saving with one system, then expecting to find it with a different system. If you just stick to using one preset system, I’m pretty sure you’ll find it works the way you expect.

Thanks for taking the time GlennO,

Later today I’ll stick to one system at a time and re-evaluate. :slight_smile:

Yep, it should be simple, but being simple is probably too simple… :rofl:

I invite you to look more closely at the screnshot below :

  1. We indeed see my newly created preset in my last Cubase session, this, using the Load program dropdown list (red part).
  2. We still don’t see it when using the Load preset one (yellow part). AFAIK, both relate to EXACTLY the same .vstpreset files already scanned in MediaBay, as they are all the presets for the involved and unique Retrologue VSTi plug-in.
  3. The total of presets available are not equal from one list to the other (blue part). So, which list is supposed to be the true one ?

It’s this kind of erratical behavior that I was evoking in my last post. Now, maybe it’s not broken and then, you probably have a rational explanation of this behavior. I would be glad to read it, especially what is concerning the two different lists contents and lengths for the same involved files. After nearly 17 years, I still haven’t found one…

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The red and yellow are different preset systems. Just use one or the other. You shouldn’t expect to be able to save from one and load from the other.

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Again, they are supposed to list EXACTLY the same files. And Retrologue is a VST 3.7.7 plug-in, made by Steinberg and bundled with Cubase, not a rather strange/unknown third party thingy…

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I don’t know if this helps in this particular case, but I find that I need to set Write Protection on my presets (within the Mediabay window) to get those presets to show up where I expect them. Although that’s not always the case, often my multis (track presets) won’t show up in the Use Track Preset list, but they will in the Media tab on the right zone, or Mediabay proper.

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Ok, as per GlennO’s suggestion I decided to start from scratch and use ONLY the Steinberg VSTi method of saving presets using a Jupiter-8 VSTi

  1. First I created a new preset folder for this instrument and logged it in the Mediabay.

  2. I then selected “Save Preset…” and ended up in some inexplicable spacetime dimension with no way out in the real world of the computer’s file structure.

  3. The End.

  4. well not quite the end… in the next post I shall try the same with the Jupite-8’s own preset management method … stay tuned :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure what this has to do with the problems mentioned above, but that’s not how it works. Preset folders are created automatically for you as needed the first time you save a preset. Do not attempt to create the folder yourself…that won’t work.

Sadly, this more or less illustrates the several inconsistencies and pitfalls of the whole Mediabay system… :neutral_face:

It has to do in the fact that there are indeed two presets listing systems and actually, both rely on MediaBay for registering/accessing different media/presets related files, in this case, .vstpreset ones, which are the heart of Cubase presets management.

Despite this, the files at disposal are not the same for an end user. So, I was expecting from you an explanation on this precise fact : same database for both and two different results…

If that shouldn’t work, why do I get in the first list the newly created preset (the one displayed with the Load program dropdown list) ? If it is supposed to not work, I shouldn’t have it neither in the Load program list, nor in the Load preset one.

Beside this, can you show me (in Cubase Operation manual, maybe, or anywhere else) where is it mentioned that no one should be allowed to create a folder by itself ? I naively thought, until now, that the MediaBay system precisely allowed this, from different user locations, as soon as it is scanned, hence, registered in its database. FWIW, and on my end, I have this (excerpt from Cubase Pro 13 Operation Manual, 13.0.30 edition, page 721) :

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Yes, you can create folders in the media bay. But that’s not the way to create folders for the purpose of organizing your plugin presets Trying to use the media bay for that serves no purpose. Do your folder creation and navigation from the load/save menus.

I give up. Thanks for the entertainment… :+1:
All the best !

But that’s the problem, as I’ve detailed above, a window opens with no way of creating my own preset location.

But I can’t, and my previous post with the screenshot above explains why not.

Sure you can. As I explained above, simply save a preset from the plugin preset menu.

When you save the preset the first time, the folder to contain the presets is automatically created for you. Save your preset and you’re done. The preset will be there when you use the matching load function from the plugin preset menu.