Header in parts

How can I get the title of the piece as a header in all pages (except the first) of the parts? I still want to keep the instrument name as well.

Welcome to the forum, Magnus. If you’re using Dorico Pro, you can change this in Engrave Mode. In the right-hand column, under Page Templates, select Default Part as Current Set, then double-click the ‘Default’ master page. On top of the layout template, you’ll see a text frame that, by default, has {@layoutName@} in it, which is the ‘token’ that will display the actual layout (=part) name when viewing or printing the layout. When you add {@projectTitle@} to this text frame (or {@flowTitle@} if you want different titles for different flows in the same project), the title will show in the running header automatically for all part layouts based on this template.
Make sure it’s on both pages, but normally, that will be automatic (the text frames on the L and R pages are linked by default as long as you don’t delete frames).
I recommend watching the tutorials in this Youtube channel, they are very informative. A list of possible tokens is here.

If you are using Dorico Pro, you can change the Default Master Pages for score and parts to put the projectTitle token in place of the flowTitle token in your running header field.

EDIT: @PjotrB has it right. I some time ago reconfigured my custom Master Pages to include the project title as well as the Layout Name in the default running header, so I misremembered what was already there.

Thanks a lot! Now another question: Can I make individual note spacing in the different parts? I tried “Propagate part formatting” from one part to another and some notes became to narrow.

You can control note spacing at three levels: per-layout, from a rhythmic position onwards in one flow, and for individual note spacing columns or individual noteheads.

Looking at at your original question, labelled examples of the default page templates have also been added in the v4 manual, in addition to the introduction in the First Steps guide.

It seems as The Layout Options dialog should make it. But when I choose the part I want to change and increase the values and press apply the part looks the same (too narrow in some bars) in print view.

If you propagated part formatting and included breaks, that will have inserted system/frame breaks on every system and page to make sure the destination layout has breaks in exactly the same places as the source layout. Try deleting those to reset the layout (although be careful, as they’ll have the property “Wait for next…” activated, which forces material into frames/systems; you may want to deactivate this for any remaining breaks you want to keep).

I have deleted all system breaks, and put in different values in note spacing in the layout of this part but it still looks the same in print view.

Which layout are you viewing in Print? In Print mode, the layout selected in the list on the left determines the preview, that’s why the layout selector in the toolbar is deactivated.

I’m viewing the part in the list at the left. I can also see that the part is too narrow if I look at the resulting pdf.

Dit you remove Frame Breaks as well? What do you see when you show all signposts?

Maybe, as a new user, your trust level on this forum isn’t advanced enough (yet – but it’s fairly easily improved), but could you try uploading your project, and indicate which layout you’re working on?

Equal and Unique TBN2.dorico (922.1 KB)
This is a new trombone quartet and I don’t want to show it in public yet so you get a version with no music in parts 1, 3 and 4. Still the notes are too narrow in bars 165-168 and 174-178 for instance.

Looking at, say, the Trombone 2 layout in the project you’ve uploaded, if you look at the system beginning with bar 173, you’ll see that there is a system break there: select it in Engrave mode and you will see that it has the Wait for next system break property set. This means that Dorico will force all the following bars onto the same system, even if they don’t fit, until it encounters the next system break, which it does at bar 179.

In general it seems to me you are forcing the system formatting of your layouts much more than is necessary. The reason you are finding this necessary is that for some reason you’ve specified the default space for a quarter note to be massive: 6 3/8 spaces (on the Note Spacing page of Layout Options). This is obviously causing your music to be much more widely spaced than needed. Given that this music is predominantly 8th and quarter notes, I would suggest setting this value to somewhere between 3 1/2 and 4 spaces. Then in Engrave mode, click the Reset Layout button to remove all of the system breaks you’ve created, and you should have a much better starting point for any further system formatting.

I can’t see any system breaks though I think I have removed them earlier. “Reset Layout” sounds interesting but I can’t find it. Do you mean Reset to Factory in the Layout Options dialog? I have already tried that but it still looks the same.

I’m still in Dorico 3.5.

I managed to find the way to work with the layout in the parts. Thank you very much. I don’t need any more help for now.