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Hi Everyone.
I have written several scores with dorico and I am really enjoying the experience. I just wish I had discovered dorico 20 years ago…
BUT, my problem is not with writing scores, it is with the titles at the top of the pages.
I have tried using the master and default part pages, and I have tried using the Setup File Project information. But I never get what I want. I have seen some videos and they seem to confuse me even more.
I enclose two screen shots. The first one is what I get, and the second one is what I want. But for every score, I have to manually enter the information for the score and 10 or 12 individual parts before printing. Can someone tell me exactly where to enter the information to get the second screen shot
to printout on every page. Also I would like the name of the instrument to appear on the top left of the page.

Many thanks for your help.

The key thing to do is to make use of tokens.

Basically, each token represents a block of text from the setup of the project, or from the Project Information (File > Project Info…)

In the master page only enter tokens. The pages in the project will then show the text represented by each token. (You can choose the text formatting in the master page.)

I’ll send some screenshots from one of my projects shortly.

This is my header (shown on the first page only):

This is my footer (shown on every page; the page numbers are increased automatically):

This is the master page header:

This is the master page footer:

In this case, all the tokens are in Project Information.
Note that each field can include multiple tokens, some of which have text from the setup e.g. {@layoutname}
Also, you can repurpose any field in Project Info to include any combination of text and tokens:

When entering text, only the Copyright and Other information fields can handle multiple lines.
To get the {@projectcomposer@} token to display on two lines as in my example, just type it into one of those fields (with the line break) and then copy paste into the Composer field.

This is the Setup window, showing where {@layoutname@} “Vocal” in the footer comes from.

I hope this solves it, but feel free to ask if anything isn’t clear or doesn’t work.



Hi DWR Keys.
So if I am correct, you are saying that I should fill in the project info first, and not go to the master pages and default pages, that I have been doing. Then I transfer the project information into Engrave?

I will try this tomorrow.

Many many thanks for your help.

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This is the default. What did you not like about the default position that you wanted to change it?

The ‘Flute Choir’ looks like a subheading. But as you have it after the Composer Name, you could set the Flow Title to ‘Flute Choir’ then enable Flow Headings in Layout Options. Then in Engrave mode, edit the flow header to remove the flow number.

The result would be…

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In principle you can do things in any order.
But by setting the project info first, you will know which tokens you want on the master page.
The key thing is to make sure you put the tokens in the master page, not in the page that displays in normal engrave mode.

Yes. But you should also familiarise yourself with how flows (and flow headings) behave in different layouts. There are many video tutorials on this.

Dorico usually has an option/setting to allow you to do whatever you want (you just need to have the patience to find it!). Usually creating ‘overrides’ on layouts is a poor solution.

Hi Everyone.
Many many thanks for the information that you took the time to send to me. I have been struggling with this for about the last 10 months, and always resorted to putting everything in by hand just before printing. At last, with your help, I think I see the light.

I enter the information into the project info boxes. The box at the bottom always, and continues to confuse me, where it says copy info from. This seems to do nothing for me. Maybe because of the type of scores I am creating. I am writing music for flute choirs, sax choirs, and mixed woodwind choirs. So I need a full score and then all the parts. I don’t work with pieces in several movements, and I was thinking that this is where the “copy information from” would be used. But I am still unsure about that.
Then, I go to engrave and enter into the boxes what I want. I am using something called FLO INFO which gives me what I want.
I am now getting what I want, and I hope I am doing things the correct way. I did get one part that had the title displayed twice, but that might have been left over from what I was trying to do before
So again many thanks to all you great people out there. I have never used a computer programme where you can get such instant feedback for any problems you might have. You are all a wonderful community.

Using Project Info is definitely the best way to get key context information, like composer and title, into your project.

The “Copy from” field is exactly as you suspect - to copy all the fields from e.g. the Project to Flow 1, or Flow 2 to Flow 7 (for example, when you’re creating a songbook where 3 songs out of 10 have the same composer, librettist etc, this saves you writing that out multiple times).

In a project with one flow, there are 2 pages in Project Info: the Project as a whole, and Flow 1 in particular. By default, Dorico uses Project information in some places and Flow information in others - here’s a diagram that shows the most important places.

Where you had a duplicate title was probably a flow heading - you can turn those off for each layout (don’t be tempted to just delete the text/frame! that creates a page override).

Thank you very much Lillie [my mothers’s name] for the clear explanation.

Take Care and Stay Safe