Headphone Audio Output not working

Im kinda new to cubase, so their is probably a really obvious solution, but i cant get audio out from my headphones, only from the laptops speakers?

can someone please help me

You need to give more info about your system. What are your headphones connected to?

my headphones are connected to the headphones port in the laptop, where you plug it in to listen to music normally. What other info do you need?

Press F6 & select the output channel.

OR open “device menu” & then click on the “VST Connections”…Then select the output channel you want :slight_smile:

the problem is it doesnt appear in that list, yet it does appear in the volume mixer as independent headphones, so i think cubase isnt recognising it for some reason

This ‘volume mixer’ you speak of, is it by any chance part of your laptop’s audio interface? In that case the problem is not at the Cubase end. That’s the kind of information needed here in order to help.

in windows, theres a little thing in the right hand corner, where you can adjust the volume levels of different programs, a speaker icon, it shows the headphones there, but not in cubase.

i dont know much about the audio interface so i wouldnt know, sorry :confused:

Open control panel then click on “hardware & sound” then click on the “sound” then under “playback” tab, then right click on “Speakers/Headphones” & set it as the default device. Now restart the system (pc/laptop). This must fix it :wink:

If it still cant fix the things then open “device setup” from “devices” menu. Then click on “VST audio system” & then click on the triangle beside “ASIO driver” & reply what you see there ?

the first thing didnt work

the drivers listed are:

Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver (selected)
ASIO Direct Full Duplex Driver

Having this problem also…I’m having a similar problem… I connect my headphones directly into the laptop but when I play the sounds on Cubase, it only plays through the laptop speaker and not the headphones…

am having the same issues too,i need help and when i do try to use just the speakers to record,it picks up so much noise,the white wave actually fills up the whole audio channel

[quote=“lgbrf”]Im kinda new to cubase, so their is probably a really obvious solution, but i cant get audio out from my headphones, only from the laptops speakers?

can someone please help me[/

That’s how i got it fixed. Go to “Devices” -> “device setup” -> VST Audio systems. In the top there’s a button “Control Panel” , press it. And under “Direct sound output ports” you should be able to see marked (x) on Speakes and UNmarked Headphones, just select it. Then press F4 -> outputs and create a new bus.

Hello there,
After you plug the headphone to your laptop, the device may not be set as default device automatically. Then you could not hear sound from the headphone. In this case, you need to set it as default device manually.

What you need to do is select your audio device ASIO Full duplex driver. Once you verified that you are getting audio thru your laptop speakers and not your headphones, go to device setup, then hit control panel, there should be a box to select for your headphones to be included with that driver.

oh shit man I had this problem but I solved now. you should connect your headset then open Cubase, now go to device-device setup… and ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver and tap on control panel like this pic
now mark speakers and your headset then click on ok and press on ok again.
time to active your headphones: go to Device-VST Connections and Output
choice your headset for left & right channels now
enjoy have fun :smiley:

Had the same problem and I’m a 20year cubase user…so I tried all kinds of stuff from the replies above already! This way you described it worked out fine! Thanks for your help!

What if selecting “ASIO Direct Full Duplex Driver” prevents my inputs from working? When I select “Yamaha Steinberg USB” my inputs work, but my headphones aren’t recognized. I tried reselecting “Yamaha Steinberg USB” to use my Audiogram 6’s “Stereo Out” outputs, but my headphones don’t seem to be stereo when I select that.

IT WORKED! :laughing:

Finally I solved this issue!!! Thanks!!!

There is no “Devices” in Cubase menue.