Headphone ear cuffs for ST-HO1

Hi I bought Steinberg’s URC22 Recording pack - complete with URC22, Steinberg’s ST-Mo1 mic and Steinberg’s ST-HO1 headphones
The ear cuffs on the headphones have become brittle and cracked. I have searched online for replacements withou success. Does anyone know how or where to get replacement ear cuffs?
Hope someone can help
Thank you

Brainwavz makes good quality replacement pads.
I also bought some from Amazon… but it’s time consuming to find what you need.

Hi Y-D
Thank you for messaging me with info about Brainwavz… you’re right it is time consuming ti find what you need…I drew a blank on my google search… hence my posting. So thank you for the sign post to Brainwavz… have taken a look and they hopefully do offer solutions.
Thanks Graham