Headphone jack not working / PC / Cubase 12 / Windows 11

Is there an audio driver that recognizes the headphone port as an output? Audio is being directed to the laptop speakers. The generic audio driver doesn’t recognize it as an option in the control panel (Even though it did at one point, then stopped working when I opened and closed a session). Please help!

if you use ASIO4ALL (I advise you to do so) please have a look here

I do and followed the instructions you sent. Here are the results:

If your Realtek device handles the headphone independently of the speakers, you should see two separated stereo out devices.
If you don’t see them, it can’t be a missing opportunity in the driver or simply not possible with your chipset.

For some newer Realtek chips there is an ASIO driver available.
But keep in mind, it is an audio chipset made for consumers. Don’t expect high-end results.
And the driver is… mmmh kind of working… sometimes.

Your headphone output (Realtek HD Audio 2nd Output with SST) has a problem (red cross). Try Always Resample 44.1kHz<>48kHz in ASIO4ALL Control Panel

Can you please open the app “Realtek Audio Console” and make a screenshots of the Advanced Settings section?
Also: Do you need to have your headphone jack be an independent device from your speakers or would you be ok with using a setup with “either speakers or headphones”?

This was the fix. Thank you!

Still go to the “Realtek Audio Console” and check the settings there. You can set up preferred sample rates for input and output devices there. Also, as I indicated, select whether you’re headphone jack should be independent from the speakers or not.