Headphone mixes help

I am a little confused when it comes to use headphone mixes.

My plan was to create a FX track in cubase, and assign that to 2 outputs on my audio interface (saffire pro 26 i/o), in which I have a headphone amp connected. I could then send all the tracks I wanted the musician to hear to the FX track, so he in that way could get his own mix. This is the “conventional” way to do it if I have understood it right.

Thats fine when it comes to sending tracks that are already recorded and are playing back in cubase. But it doesn’t work the way I want when it comes to the instruments that are being recorded at the moment. The tracks that are being recorded are sent to the headphone-amp from the audiointerface software (zero latenzy monitoring). And the problem is that it seems to be no possibiliy to create more than one mix in the saffire pro 26 i/o software. So my problem is:

If I record a bass player and a guitar player, I create two FX track, as described above. But if lets say the guitar player want to hear more of himself, I turn the level of his input signal up in the audio interface software. But then, the bass player will also hear more of the guitarist, since there seems to be no possibity to create more than one mix!!

The solution maybe is to enable the yellow button on the instrument tracks that are being recorded in cubase. (the monitor button) But it sounds kind of like there is a chorus effect when I enable that. Why does it sound that way?

Do you got any ideas how I could set up this the best way?

Best regards

The chorus effect you hear probably comes from the doubling of the signal, one through Cubase including the latency delay, one from direct monitoring without delay. See if it works for you to just monitor through Cubase (maybe decrease latency, if the delay gets too much).


For your use case (to provide different mixes to different musicians), we are using Cue mixes in Cubase.

So you mean a solution maybe would be to turn of monitoring from the saffire pro 26 i/o? I got no idea how to do that :S. I am not even sure if its possible!

i have just scratched on the surface regarding this, but cue mixes are created in the “control room” feature of cubase isn’t it?

The problems still persist though i suppose? Regarding the instruments playing live and the “chorus effect” if I enable direct monitorn etc?


Yes, Cue mixes are done by Control Room.

You will always get the “Chorus effect”, if you will mix the Direct signal with delayed signal from DAW.

Thanks. So do people in general turn of the monitoring from the audio interface (direct signal) ?

No, but they either use one or the other , depending on what they want (at least the ones who know what they are doing).