Headphone Setup in Cubase

How do you configure Cubase to use headphones attached to the PC on which Cubase is installed and the recorded project exists? The only option I see in Cubase’s Studio setup is to connect to my Steinberg UR22. Surely, there must be a way to use Cubase software on my computer to monitor my edits, disconnected from the UR22, yes?

Cubase needs an audio interface to connect to and that audio interface needs to have ASIO drivers in order to work with Cubase.
I believe you are asking if you can use your on-board audio interface?
Yes, you can. Either by using the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver by Steinberg included in your Cubase install, or using a third-party driver such as ASIO4All.
Keep in mind that on a Windows computer, you can only use 1 audio interface at a time. So either your UR22 or the on-board one.

Thank you for your quick response, mnlindeb. Clearly, I am quite new to Cubase and I appreciate your help getting started.

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