Headphone Surround

An interesting webpage about Headphone Surround by Robert Margouleff from Tonto’s Expanding Head Band:


Check ‘Eleanor Rigby’, the different channels are demonstrated, as well as the difference between the standard and the surround mix.

Thoughts?.. :slight_smile:

Interesting concept, It doesn’t really give me a full 3d experience but there’s definitely more depth to the mixes.
It’s a bit like 3d movies. You don’t get a full 3d experience from up close to the horizon, but it’s there and gives more depth than a standard film.

Mhm… Defo a deeper field.

Hrtf/binaural/Holophonic sound has the headphone-audio-positioning game down the best tho…(in my opinion)

Its hard to play that kind of music or sounds over a pa tho…

Edit: cool experimental mix idea… - have the center sounds play over a normal stereo output, all sides and sfx via hrtf…
Center stays stereo unless you want to get creative with them for a while… - once you move it out of the center, it automatically turns into a htrf signal path…

I imagine a low cpu plugin that could be used on every channel. The GUI would be a small box with dummy head in it and a positionable ball that can be moved in a simulated 3d space around the head.
(One other button on gui would be the “snap to center” mode- for normal stereo output/placing the ball inside the head)
The presets would contain different types of dummy heads.

-ooh, why not add HRTF to the mono/stereo/surround options in cubase?:stuck_out_tongue:


Wish you all a nice day:)