Headphones and the UR22*

Well, I’m at a loss.

Earlier this week, I bought a UR22 from Amazon. I installed the drivers, plugged it in, plugged my headphones into the headphone jack… and I’m only getting audio on the left channel. No right channel at all from the headphone jack. However, the left and right line out ports on the back work fine. I tried a different set of headphones with the same results. Then I tried it on a Mac (in case it was a Windows thing), but still no dice. I figured the unit was bad. So I returned it, and ordered a UR22mkii from B&H, which just arrived an hour ago.

I reinstalled the drivers (1.9.6), updated the firmware (to 1.02), crossed my fingers… and it’s doing the same thing. That seems to indicate that there probably wasn’t anything wrong with the original one, either, and the problem lies elsewhere… but I can’t figure out where.

By the way, I have an older Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, which I thought I’d try (same USB port, same USB cable), and the headphones work fine. Both channels, no issues.

Anyone have any ideas?

I’m running Windows 10 (64-bit), connecting the UR22mkii via USB 2.0. One thing I did notice… in the sound properties for Windows, when I go into the “Advanced” options, the “Default Format” dropdown is greyed out, fixed at 2 channel, 24 bit, 44100 HZ (Studio Quality). See the image below. I just mentioned it because with the Focusrite 2i2, I can actually select different formats — in case that means something.


Nevermind, I “fixed the problem” by returning it and getting an audio interface from a different manufacturer. Works perfectly now.

Sometimes bad jack reduction (3,5 -> 6,3) is the problem. And the female is sometimes too wide :laughing: